a leaden finger presses down

unaligning the unsuspecting spine

aquatic undulations grow quiet

nerves fray and twitch

dull ache pulsates

limbs a-dragging



compressed, congealed

unconfined, uncontained

pressing all its fatted sides against

that chronic dam of

untapped agony:



you will want to

we never said leave.

we only asked when you would?

you are weak.

or so you say,

we know

the reason why

is solely ours:

but you know that.

you can always stay

though you don’t belong.

you can count on us

to help you go.

One day,

you will leave and

it will be,

it will be because

you want to.

we always want you

to want that

as well.


time  gnaws

upon my mind

making the tick-tock


it echoes and shudders

the cobwebs once more.



looms heavier in my bones

my wrinkles writhe and deepen

numbed and chill am i

yet life still riots throughout my body

in the disguise of pain

my mind wanders away

without ever saying when…