In vain

Trying in vain
to make a polygon
out of plasticine…

i try to make a
head out of a tail
yet all i see is a circle

i float up steps
that lead to
no nearer
to the edge
yet no further
from falling

i follow a line
disguised as a
dot and for some
reason i know
i’ve come to the
end of a beginning


The line

i cut into a line
and pin it in grime
until it wriggles
into a squirmy wormy squiggle
i swirl it
i whirl it
and ream it
into coiled little
i call it unfit
i drag it through grit
and meticulously
sink it in puddles of spit
i bleed it
i pleat it
i read it
i bead it…quite taut
and when it is nearly down to a speck of a dot
i take out my inky filled pot
and gently begin to feed it
because beyond all doubt
i simply
just simply
need it.