Safe Novelty

Forlorn are the ones

Who wanted to be different

Only to stand apart

So that they were ushered in

More closely.

Not left to find their own way.

Only different to be attractive.

Only different to be a safe novelty.

One that catches the eye,

But is bought all the same.

Not left on the shelf as

Just too raw…too bizarre…maybe broken…maybe just too wrong.

 it lies there listless.

Realizing it wanted the very same things…

But just

From someone who could understand.


What goes unsaid

I can hear myself

Convincing you

Convincing me

My earnestness strains

To be heard

To be accepted

To quiet my mind of doubts

To quiet your tongue of questions

I repeat myself

Tasting the words

Chewing them over

Letting them spill forth


Letting the pauses

Speak of surety

Letting my gestures spell out confidence

Waiting out your nods

Searching your smiles

For satisfaction or smirks

Weighing all the segues

And praying for a tangent

A providential interjection


and so i know now

and so i know now

but before

i could only accumulate

reasons that were true before

and though they were not given by you

they spoke for you in your absence

until your words came to my heed

until your voice came like a soothing balm

of what you thought was true

of what you hoped i knew

but what i dared not believe

until it came from you