Having heard
its new name
a little wound one
within her
inner sanctum

time would make its
form and name true
but her voice

hotly, insisted…
“they will have flown
and I will only
hear the wind a-lowing”

within itself
its slowed
heart beat fevered.
the colours swirled
yet did not settle.
the tendrils braced
but did not spread.
the silk unfurled
but lay tattered.

and out of the
chrysalis came,
the one seeking
her name,
and heard only
the flutter-flutter of


Oh Icarus!

A poem special to me for reasons I don’t understand myself, it’s seems fitting that it’s my 100th post. =)


Oh Icarus!

Let me burn

let me burst the sky

Touching that valiant Sun

Floundering, i drown upon these wetly wings

i dream of scarring wax

while you disappear into light

the sun ignites your soul

while the Moon embitters me with her dance of waves

Destiny lifted you higher

Cowardice tempted me low

you are nothing more

i am with too much

let us cross

so that i may sink in sun

while you swim