to be lost

help me please.
i would like to be lost.

don’t let me leave
i just might want to be.

find me please.
i keep straying
just so you would.

live for me
i want to remember
dying again.

dream for me please
if i wake i am afraid
i will live.

speak my words for me
i do not want to say
what i want to.

continue with me.
if i lead
i will wish
to keep me
in you.


Petits II

No other reason

then from the goodness of your heart

you act without needing to

and that is all that matters.


I hate to love you:
I am always yours,
I nor you are ever mine,
but as yours, as yours…as your only own…
I yearn…
for ours.


my lips are bruised

from too many bitten back words

the tears only make them burn.


you say you shouldn’t say

but you say it anyways

what height do you achieve

in bringing down what you held so high

trodding on what you notice

yet don’t.