i miss the light

i see too much…

too sharply, strongly

too vividly, viciously


i miss the light…

not chemical, not electrical

not that cruel piercing imperfection revealing lit object.

why not some dimness…?


some  smoothness…

some dark to wrap around softly but not at all lessen…

some thing hidden…

some thing saved…

some thing for one to know and one to find out…


let the light be created,


let it slowly fade the light-maker


let it lick, slide, drip, drop, fall, fly and burn…


let it leave a trace as all living things do…


let it spark, grow, flame, flicker, falter…


let it live and as all, let it leave.



What would it be like? i ask
and you are bemused.

pity pools in your eyes
escaping before
a knowing smile tugs into a smirk.

how will you ever know?
say your lips
politely pursed shut.

will you ever know?
instinctively your head
shakes no, no.



a hand rubbed face


an imperceptible nod

encourages instead.