He believes to be

When did he think
he was possible?

why did he
twitch at
the ray of light?

why did he blink
to the sound of voices?

how will he cry out
where no mercy dares echo?

who taught him to believe in Life
when he was not wanted?

Who will tell him as he awaits to breathe?

Renewed from 2012


It believes to be

when did it think
it was possible?

why did it
twitch at
the ray of light?

why did it rise
to the sound of voice?

how did it show rhythm
when no heart
beats for it?

why will it bleed longing
when it swims in bile?

how will it cry out
where no mercy dares echo?

why does it yearn to move
and leave a trace of mistake?

how does it breathe
in suppressed want?

who taught it to believe in Life
when it is not wanted?

sticking to my chops

A funny little poem about chopsticks, written in reminiscence of the hot soup splashed veggies sloppily pierced and that one wonton lost in flight…:

one with another

let them cross

it will prove


start at equal stance

let one touch the other

with just a tap

and move just one

yet cheat you may

spear, spring, scoop

yet lie it does for it does not

greatest challenge: the lonely grain