Makes you forget to breathe

But breathe you must

Because all your breaths are truly just.

You are worthy!

You are more than your anxiety,

Though anxiety would never tell you so.

Anxiety can taunt you,

whether you’re actually doing

Exceptionally well or not.

Anxiety will guilt you whether or not you deserve to feel bad.

So listen to your breath

It continues on and on

Without a worry

And only stops when it’s made to.

It can slow down, speed up, go deep, feel shallow, even struggle each day.

But it continues and so will you.

Anxiety has nothing on you.

Tell it, you’ve gone for a well deserved breather.



if i dont want it too much

will it become within reach?

if i don’t hope it will come true

does it not have a better chance of becoming real?

if i always look for a way to survive

then cannot i not share it with another?

if i accept that i will never be happy

then surely i can hope that my few moments not to be snatched away?


Written long before “Twilight” mania existed…I do mention eyes…but not as creatively as Ms. Meyer’s did, 567 times. =P

As his papery skin rustles at my touch
I look into his once fiery cold eyes
Now all but closed and pale
Only now I gaze upon his pallidness
Ever before he beseeched me to leave him be
His feverish countenance so vivid so hungry
All I saw only of his fine days fully lazy and sated
My slumber ever unacquainted
His sombreness and secrecy ever unquestioned
Always so cold and deep
And then asudden glowing within
Amused yet distant
Almost afeared to be near me
Yet now here he begs afore me
Dry lips move to whisper
For just one soft light