i often think that i am asking you the inconceivable…

Something so unique, so far from , something nearly unfathomable…

And yet i see it all around me. And it hurts that i ask for something so mundane and yet it remains elusive.

i am no fool to think it will last if i ever was granted what i want…. But at least i could be grateful that i had it at all.

They say: “Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”

But how am i still losing what i never had?


In the Jaws of the Cryptic

The troll stood leering
As his riddles
Swam disconnected
In my head
I was at a loss for an answer
Not because it was clever but because it was spoken in an incomprehensible tongue…
I tried my best decipher
But was stunted in my ability
Confined to the narrow window
Of formulaic comprehension.
And readying for the feast that would ensue
The troll’s devouring competing with the gnawing of my ineptitude.