The coincidence

Coincidence shall i believe in your incidence?

i cannot refrain
from quietly wondering
at what a hope-tinged mystery you remain…

Your haloed appearance
beckons so kindly..
and i attempt with gradual bravery
to delight in your happy providence…

are You
a sign revealed?
a prayer heard?
a moment blessed?
a door newly opened?
or a window letting
in a light from up above?

a little chance perhaps
to close my eyes…
to open my heart…
and surround myself
in Your sweet
and much awaited


Into the New and Beyond…Here’s Wishing Everyone A Happy New Year!!

Let it be
Let it be
Let it be

my little mantra
whispers gaily to itself
trudging softly yet bravely along
to a cheerful little tune
that only it seems to hear

so very young
but wise beyond its cooing years
knowing what is within its reach
and what all will never be
and still announcing sagely with
cherubish glee:

Let it be
Let it be
Let it be