Silly me, I fell again.

You mustn’t shed a tear

I can’t stand to see you cry

You have to stop

It makes me sad

You shouldn’t worry

You have too much anxiety

You’re so insecure

You’ll see one day

You’ll regret what you caused me to do

You had all the chances to change

You know how i am

You know what I’m ok with

You know

You made me do this

You pushed me

You stressed me

You caused me

You did.

I never meant to do it

But you asked for it

And now I can’t stop.


To sleep…

i will write no more…

for sleep beckons with warmth
and promises of
peaceful slumber

and though the couplets
waltz hand in hand

and imagery sings wittily
with coy metaphors

and though the muses
swirl alluringly by

and the rubious rhymes
taste sweet and tartly

i will write no more…

heavy clouds sit upon my eyelashes
and drowsiness tugs me gently away
with soft zephyr whispers

and though my pen persists
the dream sands engulf me
from a far off oasis

and so i will write no more
no more

for now