So much more

It’s not enough

Your tender kisses

Your tight tight hugs

It’s not enough

As I only exist

When I’m right in front of you

Your pleasantness imbues only the time presently shared

Yet the moment we are apart

No longer do i matter

No longer am i wanted

We don’t need each other

That we both know

But maybe it’s not enough

Or maybe I realize… I want so much more….


and so i know now

and so i know now

but before

i could only accumulate

reasons that were true before

and though they were not given by you

they spoke for you in your absence

until your words came to my heed

until your voice came like a soothing balm

of what you thought was true

of what you hoped i knew

but what i dared not believe

until it came from you



If friendships can be taut
how can pairing be elastic?
Is there only so much you take
of one another?
How is it possible to continue
until ends are met?

The littlings nettle…
The perfunctorily unsettles…

How to sustain
a resistive armour?
a resilient mettle?

One that will not harden
but softens with grace
each time a Bright
moment persists…
in shining through?