a feeling
assigned to a day
lest it be forgot.

Best it is to be

Blest to 
know its worth…
no need to
say in jest,
all dressed,
and ready to fest.

Know it unprofessed…
feel it unexpressed…
do it without a reason to impress…
say it 


May Time Gift Us

May Time gift us its Timelessness in Love

May the ardent awaken and share its want like it has been touched anew

May the wantings and yearnings become every so often rekindled

May the rosy tints adorn you lovingly however many shadows may loom

 May you at times replace maturity and its instilled propriety

for that irresistible rakish charm

May romance gather around leisurely

wreathing us once again with

that heady perfume of shared Happiness

May trials and troubles emerge as surmountable

As your hand still holds mine

As my heart still holds yours



a solemn soul

sits upon the sands

tracing her slender spine

a tenderly once kissed neckline

smooth curves appear upon

sun-soaked granules

teasing out the features

that he thought lost

but fingers deftly recreate

upon a canvas grainy-fine

the ocean rushes to erase

the moment of recognition

am i thought?

just for fun, when writing the piece “lit/unlit” light was the word that rushed forth…

a word
rushes forth
at every chance
“am i needed?
“am i sought?”

it repeats itself
like a child recites
“can i or can i not?”

teasing forgetfulness
like it wants to be caught

but ever ready
with a toothy grin
“am i needed?
how ’bout now?
am i thought?”



so there we are
and here we are walking
yes yes i remember we were talking about the ships, the water, the scenery, oh my God i can’t believe he caught that!

[pause] [back] [back] [forward] [back] [pause]

there we are
and here we are
sometimes i remember what the voices once said
wait i believe he…

[pause] [back] [pause] [back]

there are
and here are
once i thought i knew what sounds were like
wait that him…