dear mother

Dear mother
why do you shun me so?
you overwhelm me with your tears.
you push me away with innumerable whispers.
you make me tremble
until i am all but lost of my senses.
Poisoned you make me when you are ill.

The hunters have come, yet have not gone;
they are too strong to merely hide.


It is we who have embittered our thirst.
Ingest all with a questioning.
Hear all with selective hesitation.

It is only when my brothers richly run away
That they became damned.
It is only when my sisters don’t give way
that they became mined.

Mother you are my Eden
that is why i strive to perfect you.

Do not forsake your mercy,
My own mother,
For we will only take what you cannot hide.



forgive and forget.
such empty words…

(better shattered to shreds,
let rabid through the veins,
to tear up and wreck
what beats filthy…)

take a dip
a little will drip
let some slip
why yes…
why not a sip?

forget to forgive.
such festering words…

better left to rot
crawling through the heart
that cries out
for revenge.

Devil thy name…

devil thy name is:

There u sit
at the back of
my wandering mind

reminding yet reprimanding
any action towards a dutiful cause

one could fully know
what one
would do…should do

if one wasn’t so


by your ungodly messenger Time.

Yes, Time…

You and your ever impermanent leash
pushing and pulling
towards a imaginary un/dead-line/point.

a mere sphere of imagination

sits high upon his
teasingly ruining
my chances
at reaching sanity.