Keepsake Heart

Can you not reveal your heart to me?

Must I delve in there myself?

I wish I could tell you…
I’m set to run,

I’ll cut off and run,

And not look back.

I’ll look obsessively over my backup plans

I always have.

I’ll recite the pros and cons,

Have a proactive case of sour grapes,

I don’t know any other way…

To keep my heart

from being taken

Only to have it handed back

Emptier than it was before.


Safe Novelty

Forlorn are the ones

Who wanted to be different

Only to stand apart

So that they were ushered in

More closely.

Not left to find their own way.

Only different to be attractive.

Only different to be a safe novelty.

One that catches the eye,

But is bought all the same.

Not left on the shelf as

Just too raw…too bizarre…maybe broken…maybe just too wrong.

 it lies there listless.

Realizing it wanted the very same things…

But just

From someone who could understand.