I always think

I miss the hugs

I miss the closeness

The kisses

The lazy slow caresses

The clumsy intertwinings


I don’t miss it enough

To let you anywhere near me ever again.

If anything… You have convinced me through all your myriad of miserable ways

That I may have no one ever again

But I’ll be damned if I settle for you or worse.



When you’re in pain

It’s hard not to think of an end

It’s hard not to think of an off

But to do so is human

Yet seeing it through is not a really a fair choice

So much fear, so much doubt, so much so to think of just getting an out..

If it were… though… how many of us would stay the course?

How many of us stay to see a little more with a little less each time?


i was like a scattered genius


wisdom overflowing

intellect profusely glowing


curtailed by my own fury

ever distant from knowing glory


savant than all compare but

the moments were scarce/rare


when they came

they came hard

to rival the sages

to rival the bards


yet all the sacred while

i remained: