the past has passed

i know you search me with your eyes

and wonder why my love waxes and wanes

why i accept your love with a haunted wounded wavering

…the past has passed and the scars have all but healed…

…the past has passed and its lessons learned…

…the past has passed and all those who did not stay are not missed…

and yet i and my soul remain in the clutches of its grasp….




so there we are
and here we are walking
yes yes i remember we were talking about the ships, the water, the scenery, oh my God i can’t believe he caught that!

[pause] [back] [back] [forward] [back] [pause]

there we are
and here we are
sometimes i remember what the voices once said
wait i believe he…

[pause] [back] [pause] [back]

there are
and here are
once i thought i knew what sounds were like
wait that him…