The Soft

How do i love/trust without prejudice?

My experiences have taught me

To become tough, decisive, flinty

Cynical is my new prescription

Because the soft keep on giving

The soft are easier to keep hurting

The soft keep giving and making do

The soft get stepped on

Kicked to the side and stepped over.

when you are needed

I remember you only when I need you
with one moment cursing myself
the other moment begging for your reassurance
some comfort, some chance, some hope
pleading for it all to be alright
berating your creations
asking you to see the injustice
asking you to intervene
asking you to hear me out
and somehow…when things turn out right
forgetting you…shamefully renouncing you
and all that you have done for me
with silence.

sticking to my chops

A funny little poem about chopsticks, written in reminiscence of the hot soup splashed veggies sloppily pierced and that one wonton lost in flight…:

one with another

let them cross

it will prove


start at equal stance

let one touch the other

with just a tap

and move just one

yet cheat you may

spear, spring, scoop

yet lie it does for it does not

greatest challenge: the lonely grain