He believes to be

When did he think
he was possible?

why did he
twitch at
the ray of light?

why did he blink
to the sound of voices?

how will he cry out
where no mercy dares echo?

who taught him to believe in Life
when he was not wanted?

Who will tell him as he awaits to breathe?

Renewed from 2012



Dear God

Promise in the next life

You will have more mercy on my heart…

You will not let it be so fragile

You will not let it enjoy so many facets of love

(For this only encourages it so)

You will let it know how one can love

my heart back

Truly, fully, unabashedly

As it does now…

That you must let me have at last

In my next life…

You will not let it give and give and give

Only to falter, implore and yearn

And yet

Somehow wish to seek once more…

Why does my heart hold out so much hope?

Why does it want what it may only get

in the next life?


A much appreciated response from asoulwalker, thought it should be read and not hidden in the comments.

A response by asoulwalker:

Dear God,
You know my hope is weak
You know my heart is feeble
Why do you give me so much freedom?
You know the world is cruel,
And my heart wants to love…
Please let it be heard.

– a soul walker


everloving i

Everloving I:
beg among the multitude,
but you are darkness-fair,
to give but kingly precious few…
an essence of alms
to sustain the pleader more.
In my wounded soul:
I have placed you piercing deep,
yet still you wander…
still my heart do reap.
I will breathe the very air:
that you will move to form,
the words of change.

And there I will:
part my lips,
to sigh…to seal
and cry with my soul

to ask still why I will ever

It believes to be

when did it think
it was possible?

why did it
twitch at
the ray of light?

why did it rise
to the sound of voice?

how did it show rhythm
when no heart
beats for it?

why will it bleed longing
when it swims in bile?

how will it cry out
where no mercy dares echo?

why does it yearn to move
and leave a trace of mistake?

how does it breathe
in suppressed want?

who taught it to believe in Life
when it is not wanted?