fix this

i can’t fix this

something has given away at the seams

an eyeless needle

is all i possess

so come and sew me up

stitched through and through with scars

but patched up with your kisses

 i will threaten

to fall to pieces

all you need to do

is pull the right string

i await to be entangled

in the chaotic confines

of our harmonious mess

there is nothing better than that

which makes me say nothing but yes…


to be lost

help me please.
i would like to be lost.

don’t let me leave
i just might want to be.

find me please.
i keep straying
just so you would.

live for me
i want to remember
dying again.

dream for me please
if i wake i am afraid
i will live.

speak my words for me
i do not want to say
what i want to.

continue with me.
if i lead
i will wish
to keep me
in you.