I built a house in the sky

I built a house in the sky

I painted it all the colours

of a twilight night.

I came to see it
whenever I could.

I pushed open
the door…

I fell right through.

Many a time
it locked me out.

And at times it locked me in,
but sometimes it left the door ajar.

I wished to walk upon
its clouded tiles.

To call it my heart…my home.

But a house built in the sky

Would brace and buckle

crumble and break…

I built a little house in the sky

And it remains…

behind my dreaming eyes.

Renewed from 2012

“Civic Pride”

Vote for “Civic Pride” by Nicole Little
@ http://www.downtownmarkham.ca/publicart

My friend NICOLE LITTLE is one of 20 artists to create an 8-by-10 foot mural depicting their visions of the perfect city. The murals have been installed along 300 feet of construction hoarding located along the northeast corner of Enterprise Boulevard and Birchmount Road in downtown Markham!

Her work depicts “Markham’s integration of structured homes and buildings with its lush green spaces and to make the primary focus the beautiful diversity of people who bring the city to life”.

Please take a moment and vote for her painting entitled “Civic Pride” and (get a glimpse of me too!) =D You can vote once a day and voting ends on October 31st. The artist who gets the most votes will receive a grand prize of $5000. Best of Luck Nicole! =)