8 thoughts on “nothing gained

  1. QueridaJ says:

    Yes I feel the same with how it feels to share poetry. Perhaps, but i feel there is also strength in letting go and letting your works speak for itself whatever way it wants to be =)

  2. calmcarl says:

    The tags add something to where my mind went…then when I just went back I read the title for the first time. Great piece.

    • QueridaJ says:

      Thank you Carl, you’ve touched upon a truth, sometimes the tags tell more of my interpretation of
      the piece sometimes they’re just buzz words. =)

      • asoulwalker says:

        I often use very few tags because I don’t want to give away or spoil the poem for the reader. Sometimes I get a comment and it sheds the poem in a whole new light and I wonder if part of me hadn’t meant that in the first place after all… and could only find the smallest voice as some freudian slip.

        • QueridaJ says:

          what you say is very true, but i can’t seem to resist at times =D
          I am fascinated by new interpretations but a part of me still wants to give a clue =)

          • asoulwalker says:

            And I love the clues. Perhaps I am just afraid. To share poetry is already to expose a part of your own soul. Perhaps I just can’t bear to expose too much at once.

  3. asoulwalker says:

    “coyly cloying…” that is such a good line. It is amazing what you can do with two words.

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