In Honour….

This day usually marks fireworks and cheesy celebratory gear, red and white ensembles and maple leaves… but today… I’ve chosen to remember and honour the evidence found of the numerous and growing graves of children taken to residential schools. I refuse to call this a recent discovery… rather it was a cover up of voices that have always called from the peripheries… and now I pray their souls are at peace and their voices are no longer silenced.

“You took me away from my loved ones, my culture, my language, my customs and my faith….

You took me only to further erase me, you hated me for being Indian…. and said that now I will be shown the right way…. and yet you hurt me again and again in angry slaps and shameful pain, in raging words and soul crushing acts…and then…and then you ended me…and hid your deeds deep in the ground… your finally let me join my own and all the others you had already taken away.

You called me ungodly and yet you were doing the devil’s work… but then as they say: ‘the path to hell is paved with good intentions'”


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