A power half used
A knowledge half known
Skills half gained
What potential do they hold?
Their halfness scorned
Their inadequacy whole.
Half fulfilled
Half tried
What triumph do they see?
Who knows the misery
Of the halfer?
Doomed to be
The over compensator.


turn around and see

turn around now

and look at what you see

look at me

and tell me

you don’t like what you see

but don’t say that you can’t bring yourself to see

for all that you see is

whatever you have made of me.

pearly seek

i clutch at

their pearly spheres

as they stealthily slip off their string

and effortlessly fall

their luminescent sheen

reflecting off the floor

as they scatter away

i hold just one

and roll it between my fingers

knowing i’ll never find them all

i place it on my tongue

close my eyes

and spit it away

up into the air

it lands softly somewhere

i slowly peer and fear that i will see its peeking satined face

knowing i’ll never find them all

knowing that if i do

i’ll just want to swallow them all

for safe keeping


the only way that you could know more than
all that i have captured from fleeting visions
from memories that do not belong to me
is to catch me falling within the ticking reality
and make them flawfully fated

 deja vus warned of familiarity
of letting conscious control leave
lived and seen through unmisted eyes
themselves dreamy bittersweet blinks

no one must know
but you and i and our moments



so there we are
and here we are walking
yes yes i remember we were talking about the ships, the water, the scenery, oh my God i can’t believe he caught that!

[pause] [back] [back] [forward] [back] [pause]

there we are
and here we are
sometimes i remember what the voices once said
wait i believe he…

[pause] [back] [pause] [back]

there are
and here are
once i thought i knew what sounds were like
wait that him…




let me live my life as a leaf

let me live my life as a leaf.
let me lift and leave as they do.
they beg not to let go of limb…
but they go nevertheless, their greeness outgrown.
their brightness only crumbling to rustling brown bits
as i watch whether trampler will rake them back to me…
they do not stay as i do.
i alone cannot bear for each of them to go.
leaving me so bare and barren once more.
let eternal winter slay me through once.
lashes no more, no one hears my white muffled cries.
crack me in two and be done with your icy touch.
let not Spring come again with her adornments,
they mean nothing to me no more.
Sultry Summer with her,
blush of petit sweet offerings.
my bitterness ever taints them…
carressing eyes yet shriveling tongues.
etch not your beloveds upon me…
i promise your parting,
under my very boughs.